Do you want stronger brand engagement from your audience?

With our performance-based storytelling solutions, we can connect your brand to your users on a deeply emotional level that will keep them highly engaged for days, weeks, and even months.
You‘ve got values. You‘ve got a message. But do people know about it?

We communicate your brands' message in a way that people will enjoy and remember, because the better that people understand what your brand stands forr, the more likely they are to do business with you.
Do you want to reach and build a new audience?

Are you creating a new product, looking for a different direction, or just exploring new ground? Are you targeting Millennials, Gen-X, or any another demographic? We can help you build and retain new audiences for your business.
Your company's story is worth telling!

Knowing a company's roots can have a significant impact on people's buying decisions. The problem is, most people never read it. With our chat-story format, they will. We provide measurable results!
Do you want results? No problem!

Any one of our solutions come with built-in result-generating features. Collect leads, create retargeting audiences, gain insights, or drive direct purchases. No matter what it is, we‘ve got you covered!


Keep your users engaged with your shop even in times when they don't have a demand for your products.

With our solutions for web-shops, you can provide your users with micro-entertainment that keeps them connected until their next purchase.
Are you looking for ways to level up your marketing efforts?

Use our quizzes to drive user acquisition, segmenting, dynamic product adjustment, audience building, and lead generation.


Do you want new content for your channel?

Use our chat-stories and quizzes in your videos or social profiles to entertain your audience in a fun and interactive way!
A new income stream!

You worked hard to gain your audience, so you should get paid for it. We can offer you new ways to make money from YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or any other social media platform.


Do your books need more sales?

Our chat-story solutions can help you promote your books while at the same time build you an audience of readers for your sequels!
A new revenue stream for your existing content.

Do you have a gazillion lines of content that you want to monetize? Perfect! From content preparation to worldwide payments to advertising, our all-in-one solution enables you to create a new revenue stream from your existing content.
Books, comics, educational, let's talk about the opportunities!
Do you want to reduce the risks and costs of your book production?

Get a feeling for your next bestseller instead of producing in the wild. Use our solutions to test story ideas and reduce the risk of unexpected surprises.


Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t know if you should follow it?

With our chat-story solutions, you can test new ideas and get a better feeling if it's worth it to turn your ideas into a project.
Do you want more sales for your books?

With our marketing solution for books, we can help you increase the sales numbers of your existing books while at the same time build up an audience for your next release.
Ready for a new adventure? Conquer the chat-story frontier!

Start writing in the chat-story format and reach new audiences across the globe. From the creation, over serving and marketing to payment. We are able to provide you with everything you need to get started.


Your game has a great story, but do users always use the "skip-intro" button?

Get users connected with your game even before they play. Use our chat-story solutions to introduce characters, places, or any other parts of your game. This is great for pre-release marketing!
Do you want new players for your game?

With years of experience in user acquisition for games, we are able to provide you with new players at scale and quality.


Are your audiences are hard to reach with educational content?

Try it the chat-story way and deliver your lessons in a format that your students can understand. By serving knowledge in small portions, the content is easier to remember, making learning much more effectiver.
Get instant results for the knowledge you delivered

With our quiz solution, you can find out how good your knowledge was communicated to your students. In combination with our chat-stories, it is the perfect combination to transfer educational content.


Do people spend time in your location? Give them something entertaining, which can even be a reason for them to revisit your location.

Bars, cafés, and restaurants provide your visitors with a delightful type of entertainment by serving them chat-stories and quizzes powered by your location's name and style.
Use your customers‘ waiting time to market your business.

Doctors, barbershops, spas - if your customers have to wait before you serve them, you can fill their idle time by offering delightful entertainment in the form of chat-stories presented by your business.


TV / Movie
Put your movie ideas on a test flight!

With our chat-story solutions, we can help you to test story ideas and find out which audience might work best for you.
Introduce movies not only with video trailers!

Use our chat-story solutions to promote your upcoming movies in an interactive, narrative way and create an active audience even before your movie's premiere.


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